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5th Annual Divaday
Donation Drive


Donate via the PayPal button below or CashApp $CurlsnCocktails
(put a 💜 in the memo) 

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I never need gifts for my birthday. I’m here, and that’s a gift in and of itself. I missed last year and it was a bummer. But I’m determined to give back to my community of lupies this year. Again, the focus is on children. As I type this I’m suffering with a flare. I’m able to rest in bed until I bounce back. Children have to deal with the pressures of school, friends, grades, normal body changes and so much more while fight this debilitating and cruel illness. 


Children’s hospital has a camp just for kids with lupus and I would love donate to them. 100% of the proceeds will go to Children’s Rheumatology and sending kids to Lupapooza! 


Lupapalooza is a weekend camp created in 2009, that provides an overnight camping experience for those diagnosed with Lupus. Lupapalooza exists to inspire our patients through opportunities to develop self-confidence and independence, develop a spirit of group identity, develop skills and explore interests as well as develop friendships. SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!!

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