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About the girl with the curls...

A tripled-degreed Dallas native, I am the woman behind of Curls n' Cocktails.  Although my education and background is in healthcare I learned sitting behind a desk was not for me.  Before blogging, I was planning events as Too Fab Affairs. I loved being able to use my creativity. I got my start by coordinating events for companies I worked at full time and planning events like baby showers for close friends and family. While it’s not my full time currently, I do still accept clients here and there. 


Curls n' Cocktails is my personal blog. I offer hair tips, food and drink suggestions, health and beauty info, every week I gather and post hot events happening in DFW(for everyone, including families), and so much more!!! I started holding events under Curls n’ Cocktails 2 years ago. I’ve done game nights, open mic, lupus awareness events, mommy meet-ups and much more. 


As a Lupus ambassador (diagnosed 2015) I help spread awareness for the chronic illness and offer support to those in need. Every year I celebrate by holding a 3-day donation drive benefiting The Lupus Foundation. I love the work I do with them. My blog started all because of my diagnosis. I feel being transparent about my health helps so many others struggling with the same issues. I love being relatable. I want people to know they are not alone. This is just the beginning for me.  I have only just begun to make a difference in the community as a lupus warrior, as an african-american, and as a woman in America. 

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