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I've arrived....finally!

It's been a long, long time coming but I'm finally getting a site-blog off the ground. The problem with being a perfectionist is you're never satisfied, so this is home until "the one" pops out. What better way to get acquainted than to introduce who I am and what I do? A tripled-degreed Dallas native, I am the woman behind 2 businesses and curator of Curls n' Cocktails. Although my education and background is in healthcare I learned sitting behind a desk was not for me. Too Fab Affairs was my first baby. What started as a hobby grew into a passion. I got my start by coordinating events for companies I worked at full time and planning events like baby showers for close friends and family. I market myself as someone who specializes is baby showers and children's birthdays but welcome any and all potential clients (even weddings!) I recently decided to turn my love of style and thrifting into a second business venture. Collected by Cora will be relaunching in the very near future. COC offers vintage and previously love pieces. What separates me from other Instagram thrift boutique is I style every item I post, giving it life and helping customers put looks together. Curls n' Cocktails started as an IG lifestyle blog. I offer hair tips, food and drink suggestions, health and beauty info, daily deals, every week I gather and post hot events happening in DFW(for everyone, including families), and so much more!!! As a Lupus ambassador (diagnosed 2015) I help spread awareness for the chronic illness and offer support to those in need. I feel being transparent about my health helps so many others struggling with the same issues.  With a nonprofit in the works and annual fundraisers I take my role as an advocate very seriously. 

That's me in a nutshell. I can't wait to share more of myself and my journey.

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