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Living a Lie Gets Hard (pt. 2)

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This is the part that is very hard to say out loud. I had a talk with my close friend and client who is a therapist. I acknowledged with her that my anxiety was back because of the news, but I continued to hide my depression. Until one night that I don’t think anybody knows about. Here we go. I was home alone, late-night and I won’t say I was having suicidal thoughts, but I was having thoughts that in six months it wouldn’t matter if I was here, nor did I care. The third time I had that thought it was like a switch went off and everything was familiar again, I knew what was happening. And that night when I just started to cry, I hit the floor to my knees and I started praying. We won’t go through exactly what I said in the prayer, but again it was familiar. That moment I was done.

I knew I had to tell somebody I was ready to get help. I was ready to stop feeling empty. I didn’t want to be the girl who felt like she could pray it away. I was that girl before and she suffered for a long time in silence because she thought getting help was giving up on her faith. I wanted to get help not only for me but for the girl back there. My inner little girl who wasn’t a “little girl” when all this took place but like a little girl desired saving from depression and anxiety, from mental illness. But I was confident I wasn’t gonna be defeated.

Until next time loves,

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