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Confessions of a Lovely Lupie #1

When the thought of doing a blog first came it was suppose to be a way for me to express and share my experience with lupus as this is all still new to me. I was officially diagnosed at the end of 2015. It took me a long time to process it. I kept it all to myself until I was ready to share. When I let it out the response was amazing. I immediately used my situation to create change. I became an advocate and started working working with the Lupus Foundation of America.

Last year was my first Walk to End Lupus. Now, this is were it get interesting. I had my support system with me, saw a friend, and had a great time being surrounded by all of the positivity and people there uplifting Lupus Awareness. But then there’s that other side, where I had to see “R.I.P” and “In Memory of” shirts. It may sound silly but it’s something you’ll only understand if you’ve been in that situation. I had to text my best friend and apologize for the times I pushed him to attend Sickle Cell walks. My discomfort is a very small part of that morning.

Did it make me not want to return, I won’t lie, it did. But what kind of leader, role model, and warrior would I be if I didn’t. This year’s walk is tomorrow, April 14th and I’m determined to go although I’m having a bit of a lupus flare. I have Lupus but it doesn’t have me. I’ll be damn if t-shirts scare me off. If anything, I want to hug those families this year. I have a long and hard fight ahead and I’m ready for it.

Confessions of a Lovely Lupie will be periodic “journal-like” posts chronicling my journey with lupus. I hope you enjoy

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