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Death to mirror selfies!

It is no surprise to a lot of people I despise the “mirror selfie”. That selfie where you’re facing the (sometimes dirty) mirror with your phone and snapping always ATTEMPTING to get you’re entire look. My issue with this is the following:

  • You look like you have no friends to take your pics. (Has always been my biggest issue.)

  • You’ll cover your face.

  • You’ll cover parts of the outfit.

  • It just looks plain tacky.

  • That terrible dirty mirror.

  • Seeing your not so pleasant background.

But don't worry!!! I'm here to save the day!!! I took my first cute lil set of murrah pics at my Jam Session last month. Here's one below

​Of course shadow's ass aka my little sister, slid her tail in my pic. Now when taking a mirror pic it's key your phone it not covering your face!!! Sus, what is the point of any pic that is covering the star?!?! Fellas, this is for you too.....uhhhh! Don't get it twisted, ya'll take horrible shots as well! Next, it should not be covering your ensemble or whatever piece you are attempting to capture. You'll want to angle as needed to get head to toe. Make sure to extend the arm out and *snap!!

Do I love this picture? YAAAASSSSS!!!! Will you see me taking mirror selfies constantly? Nah son. Only because I've went this long without it. But, I didn't have this, and a need for more full bodied pics, so who knows.

Thanks to Auntie Tyra and ANTM for the tips!!!!

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