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Confessions of a Lovely Lupie #2

It's May 10th, meaning it's not only Lupus Awareness Month but today specifically is World Lupus Day. Lupies everywhere along with their families are spreading purple ribbons and butterflies anywhere they can....including me!!! I have shirts *glances down at grey shirt with purple ribbon over the heart LOL, my Instagram and Facebook is covered in purple, anytime you see me this month I shall be rocking a purple lip. This is the time for us to put our fight into full gear. I advocate year-round and go extra hard in May. Going extra hard, can mean doing more than I should, meaning my body looks at me like

*This was originally written May 3rd and scheduled to post on Sunday May 6th, but decided to push back when the Branding Event Recap was posted.

April ended not so great. I had what has been a hell of a flare up. I'm still in the midst of it. Every time I think I'm done, whooooooosh, something else comes in and just f**ks up my vibe. I never want to frighten my family. I know some situation have been beyond my control, but for the most part I like to keep a handle on things. Now lets get one thing straight.

The purpose of my blog is to be open and honest. Because those close to me KNOW I can stay as tight lipped as I wanna about the simplest of things. Got it? Good! Moving on....

Now the past few weeks, my fatigue had been what caused me the most trouble. Fatigue can range anywhere from "OMG, I'm so tired but I can get through a few hours of activity" to *phone rings "Hello, uh huh......yea....oh ok, bye." Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I was the second one. My bro has gotten me started on making sure, and I mean MAKING SURE, I was drinking enough water and taking my vitamins twice a day (yes, yall....two times). My fatigue had already been so bad I missed Avengers: Infinity War, and if you know me.....for those that don't let me put it to you this way; I had what I thought was just one but actually two Marvel tanks(my Marvel tee and tank collection is sickening)that had yet to be worn because no occasion special enough had come....Infinity War was that night. My eyes just would not stay open. It was like I had been drugged. That wisdom teeth anesthesia sleep! The next night I had an event that I unfortunately had to cancel. Something that was going to put money in my pocket!! No matter what, get ya money. But that's landed me in the hospital, more than once and again I couldn't keep my eyes open. Luckily, I was still able to have a fun Saturday night thanks to my great immediate circle and unexpected run-in with high school friends. There was a repeat Sunday(4/29) but I was blessed to still attend Brenda Austin's Branding Dinner.

This brings me to Monday, April 30, I had a doctor's appointment and my dad was picking me up. LUPUS TIDBIT: Some people get "lupus fog" makes them forget a lot, short term and long term.​ For that reason, I like to always have someone with me at my appointments and for a long period of time it was hard for me to drive because I was either too tired or lower body pain. Open and honest for that ass, whew. When my dad arrived, I wasn't answering my phone, he finally got up to my apartment when someone opened the gate. He started having my mom and sis called, nothing. He was about to have the door opened when I finally felt my phone.

I just keep thinking about my Daddy. I'm a daddy's girl, always and forever. So I can only imagine what he was going through while beating on my door. I just keep thinking about it. And that's as far into that as I can go.

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