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Everything is Love.....They So Damn Slick!!

Let me paint a picture for yall....I'm having severe fatigue so been half dead all day and finally say at *pause to look at phone because a call woke me, 3:10pm CST "OK Cora you have things to do, put some water on your face or something". I had some work I could do from bed quickly and then a little after 4ish that notification came from IG "Beyonce just posted a video". If you're like me, Bey is basically the only person you have post notifications on for and you KNOW its rarely ever a video...clue #1. Then the second notification came I actually saw that pic before I saw the video so I knew.....

I did my part to alert the masses, because I needed answers but being the impatient Capricorn that I am I headed straight to Tidal(who had just to 9.99 from me this morning, tuh) and there it was!!! THE CARTERS HAD GIVEN US AN ENTIRE ALBUM, BONUS TRACK, AND VIDEO!!!!

Now, let me say I do expect visuals for all 10 tracks to eventually be released. The average person may think "But when would they have the time to do that?", a BeyHive member on the other hand knows that there is an alternative universe that somehow allows Queen Bey to travel through a portal make surprise albums, prep for Beychella, care for and hide mini twins and take Blue who is a 37 year old in a 6 year old's body to school daily, learn not one but TWO or more tour routines.....because of course now that the new music is out the show is switching up, be a wife to mogul husband all while being a boss b*tch herself, and still being a good daughter/sister/friend. So yea, I'll be checking my Tidal on the daily.

What I love so much about the album is we have come full circle. So I think we can finally STFU. I'm not only an advocate for my own privacy but the privacy of celebrities and their families. Jay said during an interview that he and Bey had done music together as a form of therapy and Lemonade just happened to be completed first and of course later we got 4:44. I thought we would never hear the music they collaborated on and I was fine with that because like he said, it was for the rehabilitation of their relationship and not our entertainment.

They didn't have to give us this transparency; "You did some things to me / Boy you do some things to me / But love is deeper than your pain and I believe you can change" (LoveHappy), "For the thousandth time, the kid ain’t mine / Online they call me Dad, kiddingly / You’re not supposed to take this dad thing literally" (Heard About Us), "I ain't going to nobody nothing when me and my wife beefingI don't care if the house on fire, I'm dying, nigga, I ain't leaving" (Friends). I still trying to figure out what my fav song is from the album. I was going to do a full review/recap of each track but I think I want to do that on FB Live so make sure you're following me. If I do decide to do it as a post it will be posted sometime during the week. I have to give it at least 4 more listens.

I feel like "Friends" is the perfect representation of how I feel about my circle. "ApeShit" puts you in this mood....where you embody Bey and Jay and it's like "yea, to hell with the NFL, screw the Grammys, and f whoever else wants to underestimate my greatness or profit from it". You can't deny the way "713" makes you feel, especially being a Texas girl. You are able to visualize ever lyric and relive their courtship and journey with them. "LoveHappy" reminds you that every beach ain't paradise and sometimes love hurts but the temporary pain is worth the fight to get the joy on the other side. Whew chile, this album this album!! Comment and let me know your fav tracks!! Should I come back with a full review and when I say full, I mean in-depth hunty! We shall dig into those lyrics or do you wanna interact with me via FB or IG? You can catch me at both @CurlsnCocktails...until then "Let's make love in the summatiiiimmmeee...."

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