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One in a million...MAC had one job!

I was like many others who signed the petition to get Baby Girl her own MAC collection and the day is finally here, you can get you hands on it ladies and gentlemen!! But are you genuinely excited about it? I mean it's ok, but I've waited years and this is this best you could come up with?? Every Aaliyah stan isn't a makeup wearer so I know some were pleased, because those $250 boxes sold out in ma'am. I was not one of those. Let's go over what is included in the collection, shall we:


  • CREATIVE COPPER Metallic gold (Lustre)

  • THAT SOMEBODY Gold brown with gold shimmer (Satin)

  • PRINCESS OF SOUL Muted golden brown (Matte)

  • GINGERSNAP Muted pinky coral (Frost)

  • DECEPTION Cool medium brown (Frost)

  • DANCE IN THE DARK Deep cool brown (Matte)

  • LOVESMOKE Sterling silver (Veluxe Pearl)

  • MAGIC MOOR Mauve plum with subtle shimmer (Veluxe Pearl)

  • CARE 4 YOU Black with silver sparkle (Lustre)


  • TRY AGAIN Soft muted beige (Matte)

  • HOT LIKE… Creamy fire-red (Amplified)

  • MORE THAN A WOMAN Cool deep red (Amplified)

  • STREET THING Pure black with shimmer (Frost)


  • BROOKLYN BORN Sheer nude with pearl

  • AT YOUR BEST YOU ARE Warm berry

  • LI LI’S MOTOR CITY Coral with shimmer

  • 1 IN A MILLION Deep rich purple


  • BABY GIRL Pure golden with soft pearl


  • FOLLOW YOUR HEART Intense violet purple

  • “NEVERMORE” Pure black

While that list has plenty, I feel they missed the mark and there were things that could have been, things they straight up MISSED!!!! Here are my 5 Things MAC Forgot to Add to the Aaliyah Collection:

1. Lashes/Mascara

What we won't do is ignore the skills her makeup artist had later in her career down to her lashes!! She was working whispies and double-ups a millennium before us! MAC could have took out that black lippie and given us a dope limited edition mascara or set of Aaliyah lashes.


2. Blush/Contour

Again, later in her career she started to have more depth in her looks which included the use of more blushes and sculpting of the face. I understand what MAC was doing, or attempting with the "bronzer" (insert eyeroll) but it was a fail. I'll get deeper into that later. But WOC love a good blush, this was the perfect opportunity.


3. Brow product

I think this would have made her the first celeb collection with a brow item. I think. One thing baby had was amazing ass brows!!! They were always so precise and full, neat, rarely out of place. With her signature wrap that flowed covering one eye you couldn't help but notice the perfection of her gorg eye shape and brows.


4. An actual Skinfinish

That "bronzer" that they gave us is....I don't even have word for it. Seriously, I don't. For brown women, it isn't going to be a bronzer for's not really going to be anything other than a compact to use for the mirror. A Skinfinish would have been PERFECT. Aaliyah was very "no makeup-makeup" look so a mineralized Skinfinish or 4 BB/CC creams would have just set this collection off.


5. Brushes

Even if we hated every makeup item, have a few limited edition Aaliyah brushes to collect would have been great. Ok, I'm not feeling the glosses, the shadows, the lippies...boom, let me grab those brushes because no matter what I'm still gon' rep for my girl. And again it would have tied it all together.


Do you think my list is good or am I just asking for too much?!? Let me know in the comments and please thumbs up and share the post. OF COURSE I supported and gave MAC my money, it's Aaliyah and I'm addicted to pretty, clear glosses. But that's all they got out of me. What did you get or intend to get?!?!?

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