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Hell naw, it's not too late to host an Insecure party!!

Our favorite girls are back tomorrow night and it's not too late for you to get your girls together for a quick watch party. As a matter of fact this is going to be the quickest of quickest posts so you can send out your texts and head to the grocery store. Me and mine are so ready to sip a lil bit and have in-depth dialogue about the upcoming antics of Issa, Molly, Kelli, Tiffany (and who her baby daddy is), Daniel, Dro, and even if we miss will Lawrence or not.

Of course, as a party planner and plain ol creative I had to be a little extra with the invite. You, on the other hand, can simple say " aye, be here tomorrow at 8 I'm cooking and we can watch Insecure!!!"

Any good dinner party has a well planned menu....chile hop on Pinterest or cook whatever is easiest for you. Or, you could do a potluck! Have each friend bring something and not only does that free up time but effort. When it comes to your appetizer not every crew is a "wine and cheese" crowd. You and your friends may be more more of the veggie tray, wings, and beer crowd and again, that is fine! A beer actually sounds really good right now! It all just depends on the structure of your clique.

A signature cocktail is just cute. This Sweet Insecuri-Tea Sangria is from The Wicked Noodle who I believe I've featured during Tipsy Tuesday on my Instagram. And who doesn't like ice cream, well maybe the lactose intolerant, but even those that choose to pass can nibble on the candy or nuts.


That is it loves! You are all set! Now send out the message and be sure to let me know how you premier parties go!!!!


Curl n' Cocktails

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