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10 Reasons I'm Ready For Fall

1. Sweaters!!

Besides the fact that 90% of the time they don’t require ironing, they are just so cute. You can dress a sweater up or down. Perfect for work, brunch, or datenight, sweaters are like a warm hug. We tuck them in the back of our closets around March and neglect them until the leaves begin to turn....well their time is slowly creeping up on us!

2. Tea Time

If you know me, I enjoy "tea time". This is a time of day when I make a nice mug of hot tea and enjoy some me time. Yes, this can be done in the summer, but who was to sip on hot ass tea daily in triple digit temps. So I raise my Wonder Woman mug to the end of summer creeping upon us.

3. Pumpkin Pecan Waffle EVERYTHING

I don't really feel like I have to explain this one. That is the best scent Bath & Body Works every created for the fall. This scent will have your entire house smelling like happiness and Waffle House. I gotta have the candles(at least 4 in reserve while one is burning), the wallflowers, the spray, and the melt. Need to get me a gift, there ya go!

4. Stew, soups, & chili

You hungry now right? Call me what you want but just like I won't drink tea, I refuse to eat hot ass fall/winter meals in the summer. Nope, won't do it. So as soon as I the weather gets where I need it to be, the crockpot is coming out!!!

5. Scarves

A scarf can transform your entire look easily. The simpliest white tee and jeans can be dressed up with a scarfs. They are inexpensive additions to your wardrobe. You can find them for as low as 3-5 bucks in some stores.

6. Texas State Fair

Fried Oreos, chicken fried bacon, turkey legs, sausage on a stick, cotton candy, the midway, Big Tex. Just the thought brings you happiness. It's the state fair. I refuse to believe any state has a better fair than us here in Texas. The last few years I missed out due to my lupus, but this year I'm determined.

7. The festivals

We have Grapefest, Oktoberfest, Plano Balloon Festival....there is so many things happening for the entire family during the fall months. This is when I get to spend alot of time with a lot of my friends, especially those with children. Pics in pumpkin patches, wine with your girlfriends.....making memories.

8. Football

We Dem Boyz......That. Is. All!!!!!

9. Deep lip shades

Something about a wine, purple, burnt orange, or brown that is sultry and sexy on the lips. My faves include Antique Velvet and Pure Heroine(LE) from MAC Cosmetics, Transylvania by NYX, and Beetroot by Bite Beauty. You begin layering your clothing so you face can be kept simple; brow, lash, lip.


The. Damn. End.

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