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There's always gon' be life sh*t (Insecure Recap S3Ep6)

I've never wanted to get through a week so fast just to see a new episode of a show.  This was some 4th grade "next time on Might Morphing Power Rangers" type shit.  I needed it.  I was knew there wasn't going to be in passionate love making between Lawrence and Issa but I just had to know what was next. So let's get into  my 5 takeaways from this weeks episode. 

1. Oh, what has Lawrence been up to???

Lawrence has been getting up and into every Tonya, Deena, Hilary he lays his eyes on. I mean deep up in, so deep the boy messed around and caught something. Smart as he is we would all like to think he's smart enough to use protection. But this could have been done purposely for those who always have something to say about the lack of condom use on the show. We even have to sit through his awkward phone calls(and there were alot) with the women he's slept with advising them to go get checked.  I did appreciate them showing that part especially when one woman informs him they never even slept together, give those not fond of Lawrence the chance to go "once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy".  He said himself "there has to be more to life than going to work and fucking". Interesting how he has this epiphany after that Coachella run-in with his ex. No amount sex is going to equate to a loving relationship.  The terrible thing is he knows this so why continue?

2.  Lightskint loverboy is so supportive. 

I can't help but love him ya'll.  I try not to.  I'm usually a firm believer that yella dudes ain't, I'm allergic to them, they make me itch(I kid). But seriously, I'm not usually one to root for them.  Somehow, Nathan got me.  He's at the city with her while she's getting the forms for this block party she wants to throw and as a creative and an entrepreneur something that simple is all it take for me! But, he sure has a lot of free time.  I know he's a barber and everything, but don't they have heads to cut during the day?  But what do I  know?!? He has Issa falling for he, saying what they have is real, got me falling for it to. I really and truly think he is in jail and did not ghost her. On the premiere episode when he jump out of the car and took off running and was like " I just can't ....I'm sorry", I said then that dude was somebody you don't mess with . I'm thinking, based on interactions I've had with other people, he left Texas because he was in trouble and came to Cali for a fresh start. He was trying his best to not get Issa involved.  Ha! The person I was thinking about is light skin with green eyes, and left Cali for TX. Ladies be careful, ask the right questions. No one knew of this person's past but me, because I would pay attention to certain actions and answers to questions. 

3.  Molly, ok he Asian. So is that bob on ya head......

We're not dumb.  Molly and her initial decision to not go out with Andrew had nothing to do with his race. Boo is cute, has a nice lil swag to him, fits in well with her friends, and plays no games.  He saw something he wanted and he went after it.  Her ass was still stuck on the idea of Dro, she missed him chasing her even if she wasn't coming right out and saying it. Her coming face to face with him at the baby shower was all she needed.  Can we take 2 seconds and talk about how big an ass Dro is(them light skins).  He was an ass the last time there were together because he had an issue with the things she was saying and tonight he was an ass for the way he spoke to her.  The are the perfect example of how sex can ruin a friendship.  Remember how cool they were.  They were able to just hang out, watch the game or chill and now look at em, can't even have a civilized conversation.  Of course, his behavior could be due to the bomb Tiffany dropped on Molly in the kitchen.  Dro and Candace expecting baby would explain both his behavior with Molly and his instant need for kush when he got to the shower.

4.  Sooooo are feelings still there or nah?

We were basically all Molly standing off to the side, smiling as Lawrence and Issa talked like two adults about life and shared laughs. It just felt so good.  As an audience we knew this was possible, but we didn't know when or how or even if it was coming especially when they said Jay Ellis wouldn't be returning this season. The convo flowed so freely. I was proud.  To be doing so good they're he is offering assistance with her business. But you have to be a little sad when you think how the two people they are now were who they needed one another to be in their relationship, or at least Lawrence anyway. Do you think his quick exit was a sign that he still had feelings for her? I'm at a yes and a no. I know in the back of his mind he will always think about what she did to him and no matter how good she looks to him or how big a smile her smile gives him he can't shake that. Then there is a love that no other woman will be able to match. When you've found that love sometimes you just have to fight for it, even if it means fight yourself.  They went their separate ways, grew, figured out what it was they both need; from themselves and others, why not give it another go?

5.  ".....losing my best friend to a baby"

That whole baby shower was a lot to watch for me for a lot of different reasons.  Now I'm looking at the screen trying to figure out what direction I want to take this. Ok, I am a party/event planner and I started with baby showers and they will always hold a special place in my heart it's the one thing that will always get a yes from me. If you DM or email Too Fab Affairs about a birthday, wedding,'s a toss up but baby showers I got you. My baby shower(s) are already planned. If I have a girl, boy, twins(no matter the combo) ALL PLANNED!! Down to what the host(s) will wear. Don't judge me, judge ya mama, life of a planner. So I understood Tiffany 125%.  Molly & Issa haven't been the best friends during this time in her life and it sucks because you can't rank things.  You can't say well Issa's quarter life crisis is more important than Tiff's pregnancy but Molly job change is least important.  But, Kelli was rob. There's no other way to put that. I'm not gonna address there randoms that were there.  I have an issue with randoms just appearing. It's a major pet peeve of mine, so back to what I was saying, Kelli wanted to feel a part of and Tiff didn't give her that. I could tell for Kelli it was her chance to be reminded that they(Tiff AND Derek) weren't going to forget about her when the baby got there. 

Ummmm and what's this 2 episodes left foolishness?!?!? RUDE!

Until next week loves,

Curls n' Cocktails

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