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Bree Moore Productions Celebrates 5 Years

Bree Moore is on a steady climb towards becoming one of, if not the best in Dallas style and fashion. A designer and fashion show producer, Bree has produced yearly shows showcasing local designers and growing year after year. This year was no different than last, she delivered great fashion, entertainment, drinks, and ambiance in every inch of the venue.

The fashion show was held at Bath House Cultural Center off White Rock Lake. The city has recently experienced lots of cool weather and flooding so I was wondering how that would play into the environment of the show. You’d have no clue the venue had been flooded! Bree and her great team had been hard at work prepping the venue and making sure it was perfect for the show and boy did they do a great job. And thank God for the heaters!

Bree is a pro, she knows a show has to flow. We had 2 hosts for the night; Becky The Poet & Black Mrkt Kesha Keesh, along with a performance by lyricist Flower Child. DJ So4kis kept the music going throughout the evening and Bree shared So4kis has been with her since the beginning, all 5 years, all 5 shows. That touched me, I’m all about sticking together, when I blow up, you blow you. I thought that was hella dope. Especially in an industry where loyalty may be hard to find.

You can’t have a fashion show without fashions. Each of the designers that shared their work with us that night have a very bright future ahead of them. Those included were Yik Styles, Susie Mania, Chief By Ubong, Designs By Ameriise, Rancho Semental, & Anti By Chanira. Every designer offered a unique touch or story that made them stand out from the others or from what we currently see online or in magazines. I told my followers that this show was not one to miss and I meant that. There was a virtual reality simulator, Polaroid photoshoot area, complimentary drinks, too many mural for photo ops, and too many people to network with for you to not be there!

Of course, I know she’s thankful for her amazing sponsors. She was able to give her VIPs lovely swag bags and offer guests tasty signature cocktails! This years sponsors were Tekeen, Chick Fil A (White Rock Lake), Curls, KIND, Full Spectrum VR, Tint School of Makeup & Cosmetology, Novel CoWorking, Chocolate Chick Tees, Teenie Cakes, Brighter Smiles By Detra, Studio Seven-29.

Bree’s monthly Closet Sale is this Sunday. No, mama is never not working. She has a young son, Ajani watching her every move. Keep ya eye out for this one. Believe, these fashion shows and closet sales are only the beginning.

Until next time loves,

Curls n' Cocktails

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