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Black Friday For The Curly Girl

TVs, coats, air fryers, laptops, all those are great! But these coils on my head and probably yours aren't always inexpensive to maintain and we tend to forget to look for deals on hair care and tools. Not this year! I'm acting as that light bulb and even if you don't grab a Black Friday deal these are things you can look for on Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and up until the New Year.  Even better some of these things may be tools you never thought to purchase but I use and recommend.  I have cakes baking so lets get started...

Hair Steamer

There are lots of benefits to hair steamers.  They can stop hair breakage, help circulation, makes your hair soft, adds moisture, and promotes growth.  I've had mine for about 4 years.  I use a hooded dryer, which also can be used for facials, but handheld steamers have great reviews. Q-Redew is having a Black Friday sale for $20 off(I'll share the promo code via IG once its available). Amazon is a great place to look for a hooded steamer. 

A Diffuser/Handheld Dryer With Diffuser

For those who wear a lot of wash and gos a diffuser is important.  It dries your hair without the frizz. Period. That's basically it. I have no other use for it.  You can get a diffuser separately if you already have a blow-dryer just make sure it fits, that's the most frustrating thing.

Microfiber or T-shirt Towel

Yes, a towel. I'm cheap but fancy, so I'm that person stocking up on the high priced towels and sheets on Black Friday and my hair is treated no different. First of all, you shouldn't be using a regular towel on your curls anyway!!! They require the most when it comes to care and attention.  Microfiber and t-shirt towels are less harsh on the hair and help retain moisture. Breezytee will be offering sales on them and other items.


I will wrap these curls up with a quickness but even more-so when the weather is cold. Headwraps can be kinda pricey, so I'd advise jumping on whatever sale you can find. There are lots of great headwrap retailers on IG and Etsy such as Gabe Jade, Jazzy Baptiste, and Native Wraps. I personally wrap everything from yards of fabric from Joanns to maxi dresses around my head by I won't pass up a good deal on a gorg print. 

Bundle Deals

What are some natural hair care brands you've had your eye on or maybe heard about but they just weren't in your budget? They are likely to be having some bundle deals for Black Friday or over the weekend. I've been sharing some deals on my social media and will continue to share as I see them.  Turn on your post notifications. As I Am, Curls, Urban Hydration, and Eden Bodyworks are all a great place to start.  

Satin Scarf/Bonnet/Lined Beanie

Now I feel like your looking like "Cora, you're just being excessive." But for those of us with a of hair or just tired of buying so many bonnets why not invests in a really good one and a scarf that will hold and cover all of our hair when it isn't twisted or braided. The satin-lined beanies are for those cold days when you want to throw on a cap but not compromise the health of your hair or the definition of your curls. 

Did I miss anything?  Detachable showerheads are a great honorable mention, huh? But that on the Cyber Monday list! I hope this helps all my coily girls this Black Friday! Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and happy Thanksgiving. 

Until next time loves,

Curls n' Cocktails

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