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Last minute gift ideas for everyone on your list

There are people who are hard to shop for and there people who just wait until the last minute to even start their Christmas shopping. I figured I would lend my hand in an area I know very well, shopping. I will be listing suggestions for just about every on you Christmas list and maybe some you forgot. Hopefully this take some of the stress out of you last minute gift grabbing.


A membership to a wine club

What mom doesn't enjoy a sip every now and then or every night. There are tons of great wine clubs to choose from. The McBride Sisters now offer the Black Girl Magic Wine Club shipping quarterly and Brown Estate, Napa's first and only Black-owned vineyard, also offers great memberships.

Sentimental Jewelry

For me these are things that are one of a kind or not purchased from a chain jewelry store. It could have her kids birthdays in roman numerals, her grandchild's fingerprint, if a parent just passed maybe get the last voicemail transcribed onto a metal business card to keep with her. I love these kinds of gifts because the possibilities are endless and they are priceless.


A record player and his fav album on vinyl

I really hope you're not looking at this like "wtf". This is a great gift and another that is easy to find. I got my record player from Half Priced Books. Getting albums on vinyl now is a lot easier than it use to be. They sale them in the Juiceland near my appointment. This is a unique gift and one he'll appreciate.


Don't go cheap. Get pops some good, plush, walking on air slippers and you don't have to break the bank. You shoulda hit JCPenny on Black Friday, but hey here we are. Go to Nordstrom Rack or DSW with a coupon! Never fails. You will become his favorite child.


An appointment for a massage, mani/pedi, or facial

No, not with you! Sometimes they want "me-time". Just like you don't wanna be bothered all the time, give that man that same courtesy. Let him relax. Book him a massage with Now and Zen Bodyworks or facial with Looks Skin Studio and he'll come back ready to give you whatever you want!

Fragrance sample boxes

This are probably my favorite thing to give! They have them for men and women. Available for purchase at Sephora. They get nearly dozen deluxe sample size fragrances to try and and gift card to go grab the full-sized bottle they liked best. One of the best gifts I've ever gotten and given.



I actually battled with putting this on the list but it's a great gift. Especially if your significant other has been carrying the same one for a long time or has mentioned or eyed a bag/clutch/wallet (see why it's important to pay attention). Is this too easy, no. Picking out the perfect bag is a battle but if it's done that's a smile that's different than any other. While you're at it throw a dress in there too!


Lots of them!!!! I posted some amazing black-owned candle companies. Nothing makes woman reach zen like candles. They just do something to us! They make great gifts. I give them for birthdays, Christmas, get well soon, housewarming.....candles work for every occasion.



Bathbombs are nice and relaxing and for someone who has never tried them, really impressive. You can get them as low as a dollar so no worrying about breaking the bank if this is coworker you don't like. Get a few, add a lotion and a cute ribbon....tada!!!! Here ya go Susan! Jiggle ya bells.

A throw blanket

Don't judge Walmart has them for like $2.50 right now. Follow me, you can get it, fold it pretty, and get a high priced ribbon, tie it nice with a bow and box it!!! Merry Christmas JoAnn!!! But if you like the coworker, go to HomeGoods. They have the super soft throws for like $15-25.

Under $10 White Elephant


I collect mugs, Wonder Woman and Disney Princesses, I have tea time daily. I would give a mug and tea as a gift. Like candles, tea is just as good as a Xanax. There are tons of companies on IG and Etsy selling cute and hilarious mugs. You could actually go to Target or roam the mall.

3Some Chocolates

3Some Chocolates start as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate bars and have now expanded into dips, truffles, balls, and much more. This is definitely for the foodie in the group.

The friend who has everything or is hard to shop for

An airfryer

I've heard nothing by good things about this and it's come up in a lot of convos I've had. It's one of those things you keep saying you'll get and never get around to it. Do your friend the favor and make it happen for them. Plus it helps with their healthy eating. Grab one for your friend and another for yourself.

Maid service for a month

Do your friends live as busy lives as mine? A couple love the housekeeping services they use so I just got this idea to add this to the list, to help a friend and their budget out. Especially if your friend has kids, or if they are having a NYE party, offer to cover the clean up the following day.

The siblings


Not just any liquor, customized liquor. Got a Henny drinker? Henny Label on Instagram makes it easy to get all the Hennessy goods your brother or sister could ever want! I personally want an engraved Jack Daniels bottles, but do you see where I'm going with this. I once made my sis a liquor bouquet and that's probably her fave of all the gifts I've ever given her.

A heated mattress pad

I don't know. I wouldn't want it because it sounds sweaty, but every woman in my family would kill for one of these. I didn't even know a heated mattress pad existed until this week. I've been having bad back pain keeping me awake and wanted a heated blanket....guess what I found! It sounds really cozy and great for naps.

Kid you didn't make

Board games for them to play with their parents

Self explanatory....


Again....self explanatory.

For girls, name necklaces

I just find them cute!

Monogram robes

From babies to pre-teens, with up to 3 letter monogram. I just find them cute and at time needed.


Whew!!! I'm tired!!! I gave you suggestions AND links! At this point you're just being lazy if you say you're lost. I need a drink now.

Until next time,

Curls n' (gettin me a) Cocktail

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