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Where the hell have I been?

We're a quarter into the new year and I'm already failing at one of my goals, to blog more consistently. But that changes today. Before we go any further, it's only right I give an update on me and my whereabouts, even if it's an abbreviated version. Get comfy....

First, ya girl been sick yall!!! Part of what took me awhile to write is deciding and overthinking whether do a general blog post or a "Confessions of a Lovely Lupie". Yes, that sick. It's not even April and I've hit my comfortable quota for ER visits. I can't even fully say what's up with me, hell lets just say enough. Pray things get better sooner than later. A part of being the lupus warrior I am is being an advocate. I held my annual fundraiser for the Lupus Foundation, as usual it was amazing and I can't wait for next year! The fundraiser included a custom purple lippie by LipLove that I fell in love with. I've done some media work for the foundation and also joined the board of a local lupus organization, A Girl with Lupus.

I've had some fun too!! Getting out to various events this year and networking with other business owners and creatives is always a great way to distract myself from any pain. Every weekend it's safe to say you can find something to get into, actually you can on any weeknight as well. I recommend everyone, no matter your field, go to at least one event to network a month, notice I didn't specify "networking events". You can network anywhere!!

My life is more than being sick or doctors visits and happy hours or brunches, although some would beg to differ. In these few short months I've dealt with death, depression, and took on consulting jobs. I'm assisting with the build of an internet radio station and planning more events. Life has had me on a roller coaster the last few months but the ride is just a part of my journey. First post of the year, I'm officially in this thang now. You'll be getting more from me, pinky promise!

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