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I am f*cking radiant!

Hopefully you feel the same way, and about yourself. Body positivity....let's dig into it. Not the "everyone is beautiful" surface crap but lets really dig into it. What is it? It's telling yourself that there is nothing wrong with who you are and what you look like. Right? Tall. Short. Fat. Skinny. Long hair. Red headed. TWAs (teeny weeny afros for those who need translation). All of us. All of it is gorgeous, without flaw. You tell your body it's not a problem. It's size, flaws, scars, stretch marks are not to be compared to anyone in a magazine or tv screen. But that's only part of it.

Do not spend valuable minutes of your life focused on things that don't bring you joy. I remember when I spoke at an event a couple of months back I told the audience to stay off social media because it will media with you and these ladies said the exact same thing! If you are currently struggling with your body looking at IG models is not gon help you boo boo! If anything it makes it even harder for you because it's creating false hope. I don't care how many squats you do, the gym can't turn a speed bump into mountain. I'm not saying all social media is bad, Curvy Fox runs ads on social media of course and her images build confidence in women. She stated women have told her they never imagined seeing themselves in a two-piece until she not only showed them a 5X in a two piece, but a 5X in a two-piece living her life!! And about that....

There's more to being plus size than kicking it with other plus size women. We have friends, I kicks it with some baddies! Men love us and society chooses to act like they don't. But that's a blog for another day! Chiiilleee....let me move on. We did discuss dating as a plus size woman and what men could do to help us feel better about ourselves and the ladies said to "speak your piece in the comments...why'd you have to come to my DMs?", "watch the way you word your compliments", and basically don't make us feel like a fetish.

There something sexy about every woman. Lexie is able to bring that out during her photoshoots, one of which I WON!!!!!!!! Ya'll have no clue how excited I am! And you know I ain't shy so YUP ya'll will see the pics! Ok, Cora focus....but I think things like boudoir shoots are necessary. Sometimes a woman can lose that sense of sexy. And these can have nothing to do with a man! My pics are for ME! Love you for you! Be sexy for you! Buy lingerie for yourself! GET THAT TWO-PIECE!!!

Candra had an experience at a pool that would make some of us never want to deal with pool parties ever again BUT she took it and turned it into a positive. Join us on September 1 for the Curves & Waves Pool Party! All bodies are welcome. It going to be a fun time! I will see you there!

Until next time loves,

Curls n' Cocktails

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