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How'd I get so lucky....

I don't even know exactly where to begin. I see so many people who aren't pleased with the way their 2019 turned out and all I can say to those people is use it as fuel to jump start the bet decade of you life. My year had it's moments, but for the most it was GREAT and I owe it to the people around me and the people who chose to remove themselves. I was surround by the most amazing women this year. If I could make a list, I feel like it would be a true list of the city’s best and brightest. I don’t know what I did, I can’t imagine how I became so lucky, but in 2019 I was introduce to or my bond with women I met in 2018 became stronger.

A few months back I kept saying to myself “I really wish I could take every woman from 2019 and just put her in a room or do an intimate dinner.” Every single one of these women have impacted me in such a way that changed my life no matter how small. At times when I wanted to give up on it all one of them would swoop in with a word of encouragement and save the day. When I thought there was no way, one of them would send a text or DM and boom I'm back. When I’m down in the dumps one is always there with a hug, smile, cocktail, or prayer.

These are moms, sisters, businesswomen, students, ministers, survivors, designers, entrepreneurs, artists, influencers, and so much more. Women of God. Women who would never let me fall no matter how bad I wanted to. Inspiration! I often say I’m surrounded by greatness (yup, tears are falling now) and it’s because I am! I have to be great! It’s not that I have to keep up, I have to prove that each lesson they gave me was not in vain.

2019 may be ending, but to each and every woman who as hugged me this year and formed a bond that can’t be broken please know I love you! I cherish you! I thank God daily for blessing me with each of you. Words spoken from you mouth to my heart were not forgotten or taken lightly. I pray that I am half the inspiration to another young woman that you are to me. Here's to us growing even closing in the next decade and continuing to pour into the lives of others.

Until next....decade my loves,

Curls n' Cocktails

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