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Sometimes I Just Wanna Be Ratchet. (S3Ep2 Recap)

We are back at for episode dos! Ain't shit changed; Issa still on the couch, she's still at a job that is unfulfilling, and Daniel still in love and fighting it. So without further ado let's get into the 5 moments of the night's episode that made me go "Now bitch, really?!"

1. Yes, bitch ya logo is racist!!!

I don't personally know how Issa is doing it, wait, I do, it's a consistent paycheck but really?? Some of the stuff that comes out of the mouths of her coworkers and her boss makes me want to grab MY things and leave the room. "It's not racist because it my hand." Sara/Susan/Emily, ya hand is white love. Ivory. Pale. Beige. Egg shell. Pink. Then here comes "not sure if she even has a name in the script" with "Honestly, whatever Issa says is probably right." Although factual, don't come to the black girl now when last episode facts got her chewed out. Those conference rooms can take you from your highest to your lowest in 2.2 seconds if you let it. I'm proud of Issa, just sitting tight until that next opportunity opens up. It's been time.

2. Yo broke ass not even cleaning?

Before we get into that, how the hell was Issa supporting her AND Lawrence for TWO WHOLE YEARS on her salary but now struggling?!?! I guess his unemployment here and there helped but I digress, ya'll see our boo Kelli make her debut for the season and in true Kelli fashion got Issa right on together! She let her know that not only does she have horrible credit, terrible budgeting skills, and no money but she is the worst kind of house guest. It's bad enough you're not giving him your heart, he can get any ass(or money) from you, the least you could do is bang some pots and pans or Swiffer wet jet the crib, even if it is just the couch it's his couch that he's allowing you to sleep on for free!

3. Who's this broad?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the girl Daniel was smashing in the beginning of episode 1 mocha? So obviously it wasn't this Vanessa chick. But that's the name his sister brought up. He did say she had no room to trip about Issa because it "was nothing like that" and must not be if he was giving to not-her the day before. But back to lil Carol's Daughter, I don't care for her. She had no interest in Daniel. They gave me the vibe ot two classmates, like back in college when you'd just be kicking it. Not someone who you have a deep connection with. She seemed bothered that he was there and definitely did not want him there when she was not. Him lying to Issa about her further prove my point that he wants Issa so bad it pains him to even be around her. And we won't get on lil wash n' go's comment about loving "lightskin love" while that fine chocolate man was on her bed! The nerve!!!

4. Nobody's Perfect....even fine ass Daniel

After Daniel gets home(and finds Issa cleaning) he gets a call from his producing partner flaking on him and he feels like this big break he was close to is gone all because he doesn't want to go to the club alone and he now doesn't have his partner there to play middle man. Issa comes in to save the day doing what it is she does for Daniel. She reminds him of his abilities and his greatness from a genuine place. Playing wing woman for the night, and a damn good one, they get in the club but only because they run into an old classmate who is a more successful producer and also kinda helps with the intro of the artist to Daniel. This gets to his head but Issa reminds him that he has a gift, he's using his passion, something not a lot of us are blessed to say. Speaking from experience, it's hard to see someone you care about consider giving up their passion. The convo they had after the club proved no matter where the love he had for her went or didn't go, that was his girl, his friend, and he needed her. Which takes us to.......

5. Ya'll feel that?? It's called chemistry.

That boy said to hell with Vanessa!!! Why, because he made the shit up! "What about Vanessa" "HUH?!?!" head ass.... I can't stand men. Ok, now when Issa did that "oohh my neck and my back" stretch when she sat on the couch I thought to myself "ooohhh shit he about to get her!!!" He came over there in them distressed jeans and hit that shoulder and neck rub....ooohhhh lawd. Not the neck, anywhere but the neck. Then he got the nerve to say "If you want you can sleep in my bed"---HUH SAY WHA?!?!? Of course he was being a gentlemen! We just talked about him not wanting to lose his friend, yall keep up! He was about to work on those beats to have ready for Khalil and Issa ending up with a voicemail from a perspective new job opportunity so they were both living it up in their little bubble. That energy was calm, cool, and positive.

I can't wait until next week......they in that bed TOGETHER!

-Curls n' Cocktails

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