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The Group Chat (Insecure S3Ep3 Recap)

Do I even need to write an intro for this one? We got alot to cover and only 5 key moments to do it in sooooo, leggo!

1. GASP! They are sharing his bed.....on a regular basis!

This is something that we kinda all saw coming, not just in the preview last week but in the ending of last season and the beginning of this one. There was no way she was going to stay on that couch permanently with the feelings that Daniel has for her. How is she doing it? Hell that's an answer we all want to know. I was excited at the thought of her getting that "good morning head" from him even after seeing them crumbs (I woulda put her ass out...smh, damn he must love that girl). She can't even hide the fact that it's constantly on her mind; the reason her bestie knows this is not the brightest staying with him in the first place. They're doing laundry together and whatnot. Just way to domesticated for my liking.

2.  Daniel is an artist, and he's sensitive about his sh*t!

If you're a creative you know what it's like when you put anything together, no matter how grand or small, it's your baby.  These recaps, although minor and fun, are my babies. I could be sleep right now but I'm up creating. Daniel sees everything he does as a piece of him and that is very evident.  I think Y'Lan Noel does an amazing job playing this character and has so since season 1. If you've ever known a musician or producer that is the vibe they embody. For Khalil to take his work and tweak it in any way is, for Daniel, hard to handle and process.  He didn't see it as his partner using his knowledge of the artist they were trying to land, he simply saw "this nigga touchin' my beat". Issa tried to explain to him the opportunity who could be missing out on and the assistance Khalil was trying to give and of course, he wasn't trying to hear least at first. 

3.  To hell with your old firm...

Molly was so excited about this new job and her melanated coworkers before she started the job but then sis got there and she became that chick that I hate.  I can not stand someone who constantly has something to say about what their old workplace did.  Every time her new job made a move(although I 100% agree with the Docusign thing, I mean it is 2018) she had to let them know "at my old firm..." Well girl if your old firm is so great you can take your jolly ass right on back over there. While she may have valid concerns, she doesn't have to voice them in the manner she chose. Make suggestions, not comparisons, you don't need a law degree to know that much. Molly had this vision of how it would be to work at a "black firm" and this square reality isn't fitting into her circle of a dream. The carpet ain't always blacker on the other side of town. But who knows, things could always get better.  I have faith in her, but damn first impressions are everything!

4.  Issa found her tribe.

Issa may be getting ready to learn jumping ship isn't always so smart herself as she took a job working as an apartment property manager.  The job sounded like it sucked but that $750 rent sounded amazeballs!!!  She's getting desperate, going back and forth with her emotions and may have made a hasty decision. I will say when she smiled in that mirror something made me say "TAKE IT!!"  Was I the only one not surprised Issa found another organization she was interested in at the job fair? The writers could have went in a lot of directions with this but I'm glad they chose this one. We will either see her professional growth as maybe a mentor to the new employee at "We Got Yall" or see her flourish both professionally and creatively with "Beat Crew". I was worried with the interview she and Frieda were doing with the new applicant.  Don't lie to the prospective employees. If you hate it, you hate it.  She knew exactly what that young woman meant by "How is it for YOU". Issa has this burning feeling about "Beat Crew".  That's one thing about when you find where you should be; where you are is harder and harder to be daily. 

5.  Chile, listen to your chorus...they know something we don't!

 While at dinner with her squad Issa lets it out that she may stay with Daniel a little longer and as usual they let her have it. Kelli assumed there must be an exchange of energies happening if she had made the move to his bed. Even with the denial, they were not easing up. I agreed with Issa, there was nothing keeping them from being together at this point so wouldn't it make sense to try it now? But looking back there is a layer to their relationship we don't see, or have yet to be shown. He obviously loves her, he has saved her ass numerous times, they have history, she connects with him on this level that's almost electric, so what do they have against it? Then, we get to the dinner conversation when he acts an ass. To any man reading this: sex is NOT an apology! It's like something finally clicked for Issa, and clicked hard enough.  It was time to go.  I had girls night with my friends over the weekend and I think most women can relate to having that one from your past, an ex, an almost, and our friends try to beat in our heads why it's bad, yet we look at the guy and can only think of the great things....the saves, the laughs, the abs, (yes chile, those abs) before we finally have our hard click. So I'm excited to see what happens next. 

Bonus: Issa and Molly looked amazing this entire episode!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to see if I can get info on wardrobe.  I do have a busy week, so can't promise but we will see.  Cross your fingers. If this is something you really want, let me know in the comments.  

 See yall next week!!

-Curls n' Cocktails

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