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Sis, he got you forgetting to wrap your hair?! (Insecure Recap S3Ep7)

Issa was out here doing the most. Molly out here ticking men off romantically and professionally. Lawrence wants to be spiritually fed. We are back with our original core 3 in this episode as they tackle some life sh*t in that short 30minutes. Here are my 5 takeaways from episode 7: Obsessed-Like

1. The teeth dream.

We have all had the teeth dream a time or ten at some point in our lives. This can be a good or bad thing. I'm one of those that believe your dreams mean things. Dreaming your teeth are falling out or rotting can be a sign of personal expansion, a call to look at your support system, a time for renewal, a reminder of anxieties, a compromise, insecurities, or life changes. Issa's anxiety and insecurities surrounding Nathan are the reason she keeps having these recurring dreams about her teeth. When she works through those issues the dreams should stop.

2. "He buys you one taco and you bust it wide open on a ferris wheel."

Look, this Nathan thing is just plain crazy at this point. I don't give a damn where he is anymore. She shouldn't either. Girl, f*ck him. "If you being real is what scared him off, why do you even want him?" Molly is the bestie we all need, she can't do sh*t for her own life but she got wisdom for days. He was tagged in pics so my theory that he is locked up is gone out the window. I have nothing else, so girl let him go. Poppin' up at his boy's house where he is staying, going through drawers, sniffing his cologne, guessing passwords...Issa no. We did pop-ups in undergrad!!! We are full ass grown women now. If he wants to be "an ain't sh*t nigga" let him do what they do best....exist, away from you. I was so proud of her deleting him from her life...she didn't delete that text thread, which is what really matters but we are gonna assume she did. Now sleep can be peaceful, showers are enjoyable (that text from her mom was such a "black mama" moment), and she can handle her business, be her on her way to becoming a #bossbitch, with some help from Lawrence, but we will hit that later.

3. Get burned, seek the Lord #Niggaisms101

"Oh so you a T.D. Jakes nigga now?" LOL I loves me some Chad! He could have come back without Lawrence and I would have been just fine. I need to start a petition for him and Kelli to have a spinoff. We want him as a series regular in season 4 for sure. But back to Lawrence, his fire piss, and sudden desire to go to church...good for him! In all seriousness, there could be that emptiness that he was attempting to fill with sex and know he realizes there's a greater relationship in his life that has been missing. I love how the writers have him discover that on his own and not through the push of a woman. The support Issa gives and the advice were both great. I do believe in going to various churches until you find the one that fits you and is a place you can call home. Now lil lightskin with the 4B hair, I don't know what her purpose was. She gave all the church girls a line to use next Sunday on the fine visitors: "So you didn't wanna get saved?" Their lil date was cute and then she mentioned all the stuff she took part in and Lawrence looked at her like "oh you go to church church?!?!" First he comes back like he been in the gym 8 days a week, washing with African black soap, and moisturizing with shea butter straight from the motherland, but now he about to go on this spiritual journey.....Lawrence, hey big head!

4. Molly don't wanna be great.

I don't even know what to say about Molly at this point. I could just wrote out the number and all of ya'll woulda known exactly what I was talking about. She doesn't want happiness. It's like she's afraid of the type of man she deserves. She self-sabotages. Andrew was having casual conversation, they were going back and forward with small verbal jabs, but of course anything that involves her precious Dro is off limits. To leave Andrew at that table was unacceptable. When she told him "I forgive you" I laughed. I love the way he gets her together and lets her know the way she behaves isn't going to be tolerated and it's not right. This man is fine, takes an interest in you and your career, is funny, caring, fine again because the man bun gets me...she just damn dumb. After she killed that presentation it would have been great to call Andrew and let him know because that's who she's been venting to about it, not Issa's ass...because she was too caught up in Nanceford's disappearance, but she couldn't because she acted like a brat. We can however take this time to celebrate that win she got for her presentation. Oh well, hatin' as Torian just gonna have to stay mad.

5. You know what that is? Growth.

Once Issa was done trippin' and got back to business, she finished up her presentation for the workshop she had to attend...the workshop Lawrence told her about. Here we are in season 3 on the 7th episode and these two are in such a beautiful place. Last season, episode 7 they were standing outside a restaurant arguing and he called her a ho. But they both grew as people since then. They may not be besties, but they can coexist. They are working toward a friendship and we get to watch it developed. If either of them needed anything the other would be there in a heartbeat. When they had that exchange in their old kitchen and said they still loved one another, we all knew they meant it. It sucks that we only have one more episode. No, I don't think we will see them get back together or hook-up. I don't even see it for next season, well maybe a hook-up but I think that relationship was a phase for them both that has ended for now and we will see them both experience life and it's ups and downs before seeing them find their way back to one another if that does happen.

OMG!!!! We seriously have only one more episode! HBO trifling for this. Feels like I just wrote my first recap yesterday. These have been fun though. Can't wait to see what happens in the finale.

Until next week love,

Curls n' Cocktails

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