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Ayyeee!!! One Time For The Birthday B*tch!!! (Insecure S3Ep8 Recap)

As usual the season finale of Insecure came way to quick. These 8 episode seasons seem like such a tease in the world of 13-shows a season with Netflix and primetime networks. But it is what it is and we should be use to it. There was a lot in episode 8. I original juggled with do I do a season recap or an episode recap and then it was do I do my usual top 5 or just let out my thoughts because coming up with only 5, ya'll it was a struggle. I have my notes, lets see what comes of this shall we....

1. It's not as easy as it seemed, so you quittin? #dafuq

The episode started with Issa on the hunt for sponsors for her block party. I do events, so I know this struggle. It's not fun putting yourself out there, especially when it's a passion project AND for your birthday. One of the reasons I love the show so much is because it's so relatable. My first birthday fundraiser was put together in about 2-3 weeks. I literally told the world I have lupus and then was sending emails out for sponsors less than an hour later. Hearing no after no after no can mess with you and have you ready to say "f this entire thing. I don't want to do this." Like she said "Nathan had me thinking I could do this tomorrow" (I'm going to go back to that later) He was kinda right but he wasn't realistic. She could do this, but she needed to know that if it didn't happen when she wanted it to, she still had the resources and the drive to make it happen eventually, despite her negative ass bestie.


Bruh!?!?!?! Really tho?!?! Like seriously?!?!? An entire fucking month. You couldn't text, DM, have Andrew's fine Asian ass relay a message, nothing?!? That's all I meant to---my bad I got caught up. I know I can't be the only woman who felt Issa's disappointment during their exchange. At this point I won't even call it pain. He made her feel like less than a fuck-up. He supported her passion. He loved her silly ass freestyles. She thought he was it and then ghosted her. EVEN WORSE, I DEFENDED HIS GREEN-EYED, YELLA ASS!!! But, when he gave his reasoning and I watched for the second time, he got a little empathy from me. No, what he did was not OK, but as someone who suffers with mental illness I know dating me can't be easy and I could see myself doing that same thing, maybe not for a month, but for an extended period. Kendrick Sampson, who plays Nathan, did an excellent job during that scene. Being depressed and not knowing how to properly communicate is an issue alot of young adults have. I hope he returns for season 4 and they touch on dating and mental illness in our community. I have a close friend who posted about it on Facebook and I think it would make for a great collab of some sort with he and I next season so, let's see.

3. Mad Molly needs to learn it's OK to not have control of everything.

At first I thought maybe Taurean had an issue with strong women, but no, because he works seemingly fine with every other woman in the office. The problem is strictly Molly. Her controlling behavior is going to cause her to end up in a fly ass condo, alone with that dog. Her going behind Taurean's back in episode 7 may seem small to some, but you have to remember she is still new at that firm and while she wants to be on track to partner, burning someone who may be closer to it on the way there is not smart. Then you have here confrontation with Nathan, a big no no. Ok, I'm not gon' lie, at the moment when it took place I was on Twitter praising Molly for sending him on his way. I take birthdays seriously. My besties give me the best birthdays and I try to reciprocate, ain't no fucking up the vibe around here. BUH-BYE!!! But then I thought about Iss' feelings and how she went crazy last episode. She had the right to choose to dismiss him herself. Molly acted based on how she would have wanted the situation to go not on what she thought was best for Issa. Just like the block party, the "lil" block party. She has the tendency to not be the cheerleader a bestie is suppose to be. Whether you agree with the actions or not, just be the support system you signed up for! One more thing, she needs to take that second chance Andrew is giving her and reflect on the person she should attempt becoming. He could have easily said he wants no parts of her but he stay on that phone.

4. Lawrence. Lawrence! Lawrence?

Jay Ellis playin' a military brat again? Remember when The Game moved to BET and sucked, he play ol' dude that took Derwin spot, Blue...nah? Just me....oh ok. I love when they give us a little background on the characters. I could tell his dad liked Issa, but wanted his son to be happy. What he said about us today was so true. We want the relationships but don't want to put the work in. Why is that? What made this generation so lazy? Everytime I see him and Issa together my heart smiles, but like I told ya'll last week I didn't see them hookin' up or getting back together. There is a different kinda love there. AND WHEN DID LAWRENCE GET SO FINE. I went to his IMDb to see if he was doing to action work or something cuz lawd! There is some kinda glow there now. Focus Cora..... it was so cute for them to have their lil Last Dragon moments and for him to bring her a birthday snack. I don't know, I like them like this. They could stay like this for 3-4 more season and I'd be OK. I will say I was not expecting ol' girl from Tiff's baby shower to be his date, even though when they were looking at those pics of her and had that quick exchange I KNEW they were gonna go out! I just forgot all about it. The writers (in this episode Issa and Natosha Rothwell aka Kelli) did a great job of having him inconspicuously mention her with his dad by bringing up divorced women and then waiting until the end of the episode for them to have an on-screen date where she mentions it. Do I think this will be an issue between her and her knew buddy Issa, I can't say. Part of me thinks no, because she is over him and them part of me thinks yes because she only thinks she is over him.

5. The Couch

The couch plays a big role in the season finales of Insecure. Season 1 ended with her down and out with Molly on her and Lawrence's old couch outside The Dunes. Season 2 ended with her having no home, not sure what to do with life and sleeping on someone else's couch. Now we are on season 3, and she's at peace so to speak, on HER couch after finally turning her new place into a home. She's had her, what I love to call "30 year old ah-ha moment". Joy and peace can't be bought or given, it is obtained and developed. There was nothing Nathan, Molly, Kelli, Lawrence, We Got Ya'll, a block party, Daniel, wine, hot cheetos, bbq salmon tacos, or anything else could do to bring her more joy than she could do on her own. She had decided to stick with nonprofit work and go to The Beat Crew for a job, team up with Tiff's friend for the block party, take time for herself before agreeing to give herself back to Nathan....she was putting Issa first and the smile on the couch at the very end of the episode shows she's happy with that.


That damn Kelli and Chad!!!!

The lines from them in this episode and from this season are just priceless. We need a spin-off for Kelli! I need an episode that is just Chad. "If I wanted a baby I woulda kept the last one"...."The head is still amazing. Don't tell her I said it but, nigga....niiiigggaaa!" I think I'm gonna miss them the most. SMH, OK let me cancel this damn HBO. It's been real.....Bye loves!!

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