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Dear To'Ccorra.....#Goodbye2018

Dear To’Ccorra, Hey girl hey!!! 2018 lasted all of 5 seconds. I write this letter imagining I’m sitting directly in front of you, one of us beat to the limits and the other just chill. But anywho, we made it. Girl, we got through. Not only did we get through it we accomplished things that meant the world to us and the world thought would break us. I’m so proud of you. Proud for knowing that you needed that NYE you had last year and it’s particular purpose. It set the tone for the year. You knew this year would be different than any other. You set goals and even though you didn’t reach them all, you never let your circumstances count you out.

2018 was the first time we made “I’m putting me first” more than just words. You knew the dangers that came along with letting the outside in. No more caring what the world thought when it came to your business. Friendships end. Relationships run their course. Idea fails. But we’ve handled them with our head high, our chest out, and refusing to let anyone see us sweat.

There are going to be days we can’t do life. It’s hard to accept. Even 3 years after the diagnosis I know feeling inadequate and like a prisoner in your own body has been the hardest part of it all. God makes no mistakes. We’ve never ever doubted Him and we won’t start today. Our Father looks out for us daily. Ever if things never get better our faith will not waver. I give God all the praise for placing me right were I am today; an advocate for lupus awareness and warriors, an influencer, a voice. God can restore something that is broken and make it into something amazing and baby girl we are living proof, look at us. “They” can ask what’s so amazing about being sick and going through struggles in the past? It gave me a story to tell. I story I didn't even know I had until being told constantly. I’m giving lupus fighters hope! I'm inspiring women daily, period. People who hid their diagnosis now are open and transparent about who they are and their daily struggles. Cora, been given an assignment and as long as we stay on it, as long as we stay committed and obedient the blessings will continue to flow.

The people around us, chile. Our fam, including the way we could survive without them. Of course, daddy always comes through and everyone else is always there when I need them or something. I mean ALWAYS!!!! My friends who are family, I thank God for you daily. If people only knew all you do for me. Welp here come the’ve given me more than I wanted to accept. If I could name everyone one by one and the things they do this would turn into a book. We have those moment's when we feel alone, but we snap out of it so quick because someone will call or text like they can sense they're needed. I’m constantly reminded how blessed I am to have each of you. I thought amazing people were placed in our life last year, but God continues to show out. We met great people this year from near and far. People who make us smile daily, laugh til our stomachs hurt, and motivate us to continue doing bigger and better. Some I’ve never even met in person and but the time will come! Please know you too are appreciated.

2018 brought and taught a lot for us. But it’s time to close this chapter and bring in a whole new year of memories and touching the lives of those around us. Oh, we got alot more in us. This is only the beginning.

Until next year loves,

Curls n' Cocktails

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