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Confessions of a Lovely Lupie #5 (Flare Essentials)

2019 has been painful. No need to sugarcoat it. Healthwise I’m not where I want to be. Had this been an update post it would be a 1000 words on all the pain and ER/doctor visits. Ain’t nobody got time for that, at least not when I'm in pain. But, I can help others suffering. I wanted to share what gets we through the muscle aches, fatigue, joint pains, sleepless nights, etc. You ready??

First up is of course my pain prescriptions. It’s obvious. I’m on so many medicines I take 1-3x a day specifically for pain. The pain med I take when the pain is almost unbearable is Nucynta and Belbuca. I’m not gonna put the combination of the drugs I take when I’m at my worst, but if you want to know, shoot me an email. I could go on and on about my thought on all of my meds but that's not for this post.

Yes. I smoke. I had researched it and asked a friend with a chronic illness his thought but hesitated trying it. Then I got sick I had went days without eating. You couldn’t force me to. I just had no appetite. I started to worry so took to Facebook and asked “what can I do to get my appetite back?” Instantly the comments started.."weed", "weed", "try weed", "can you get some weed?!" So I got some from a trusted source and yes, I was eating that night. It helps with the anxiety, nausea, appetite, insomnia, and the list goes on. I started with a vape pen, attaching Cannabis oil and smoking that way. Love that method, no rolling! Now I do both depending on how I'm feeling and I also use sublingual CBD oil.

Hemp Seed body wash and lotion. Yes, I use “weed” body wash. It’s great for my joints and muscles but that's not where the benefits stop. Makes for a great soak. They also have bold scrub and cream in the collection. I thank Urban Hydration for this. I stand by Urban Hydration and if you follow me you know that.

I am in love with this healing lotion from the owner of A Dose of Faith Fashions . After a hot shower this lotion is magically. Relaxes every part of my body. The feel and scent are phenomenal, it's her special concoction. If you live in DFW the boutique is located in Duncanville, TX. Fill out a prayer request(yes, the owner has a prayer box) and pick up your lotions.....and a few outfits.

This pain balm. GET YOU SOME!! I’m almost out but I will be restocking. Keith Clark has these pain balm that help sooth away muscle aches. There’s nothing more to say. Your back, shoulders, legs, knees, this balm works everywhere..TRUST ME. Oh, best part is it's only ten bucks

Lastly, heat and ice!!!! My heating pad is my back's best friend during flares and I keep my knees iced. At one point, not too long ago, I was freezing during a flare, to the point I was constantly shivering. I'm never cold so I knew I was having a bad flare. My parents ordered me a heated blanket, same-day deliver (THANK YOU AMAZON) and it helped so much! Sometimes instead of sleeping with my heating pad, I can wrap up with that blanket and be comforted throughout the night.

I hope this helps someone out there who is suffering and tired of poppin' pain pills and getting no relief. If you have any questions or want to share your essentials, drop them in the comments below an like this post!

Until next time loves,

Curls n' Cocktails

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